The Budget

So as per usual I am confused by the budget. I suspect this is mostly because numbers have never been my strong point, but I think it’s also because of the sheer obfuscation that the chancellor of the day uses to describe stuff without actually saying what he means. 

But mostly I don’t understand how one man (and it is always a man right?) can stand up and say something like… “there will be a presumption in favour of sustainable development” and “we will cut planning red tape” when England and Wales just spent forever debating planning laws and thought they knew where they were.

How can policy be made by one man followed by the speaker reading out a bunch of incomprehensible numbers and then everyone going ‘aye’? What happened to debate? to justifying your policy? to asking the public?

But then this is the day after the mess that is the NHS reform bill has been passed, which makes me thankful to live in Scotland (regardless of our Government at least it’s not selling off the health service). 

So, I suppose, the end point of this wee rant is that I find Westminster bemusing, and I really amn’t sure I want important decisions being made in that way. 

Still, at least there’s no added tax on wine.


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