I’m not watching Sport Relief, but I have seen some tweets and wotnot, and obviously have been subjected to various adverts, programmes, tweets etc promoting the same.

And suddenly I’m inspired to write about charity and charitable giving.

Clearly, Sport Relief, Comic Relief et al are all very well intentioned and I’m sure that *most of* the money does something worthwhile.

As someone who has worked for large and small charities, and donated to a variety, and encountered chuggers, and volunteer fundraisers and folk shaking buckets at you in the street, and has tried to secure grants from trusts and lotteries and private bodies, here’s what I’ve learnt:

If a charity can afford to advertise on TV, they don’t need your money

If they host posh dinners without sponsors, they don’t need your money

If they have some kind of celebrity endorsing them, you should think about why

If they are financially supported by an organisation you distrust, ask them about it

If they have a phone bank of staff to answer your queries, they probably don’t need your money

If they have the People’s Postcode Lottery logo (or other varieties of same) on their communications, they don’t need your money

If they’re saving something fluffy (or pretending to), they don’t need your money

If you don’t quite understand the problem they’re trying to fix, and they can’t point to someone or something dying if you don’t donate, but they say an injustice will persist, they do need your money.

Oh and, a regular monthly donation that a small charity can rely on rain or shine goes a lot further than a one off donation

But that’s just my opinion…

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