What to blog about…

Some days blog topics come out of nowhere, some days you have to work a little harder to find them, and some days too much happens that isn’t condensdable into one cogent post.

Today for instance, I woke up to the news that Abu Hamza et al are judged by the European Court of Human Rights to be eligible for extradition to the US. I have a number of misgivings about this, which I spent a lot of time today mulling over but never quite clarified. 

Then I became aware of the attempts to revise the UK abortion law. In either direction. With advocates and antis speaking out at both ends of the spectrum. I am resolutely pro-choice, and always will be, and don’t understand why women should be made to feel like they are somehow ‘permitted’ to make a choice about their bodies, their future, and their genetic future, whilst society sees fit to decide that just because a biological function has occurred you should be forever marked (even if you do choose abortion, and who invented the word abortion anyway)… but even that I don’t feel like I am completely on top of current policy development to comment on. (I will be getting on top of it…)

Then I was watching the Blackburn v Liverpool game, only to discover the substitute goalie for Liverpool, who is only 29, lost his son to leukemia last November. Which started me thinking both about how we know an awful lot about people in the public eye but also how they are expected to just keep going in spite of it all (but then aren’t we all…).

And then, not quite finally, but enough for now,  I stumbled across this essay by Ashley Judd criticising how the media attacked her ‘puffy face’ recently. And I am infuriated. So, I think my next post will probably be some conflation of perceptions vs expectations vs societal mores… and how they affect women in particular, but everyone at the end of the day, from film star to footballer to suspected terrorist

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