I am pro-wind & anti-the Donald

The news this week in Scotland is already full of The Donald coming to give “evidence” to the Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee’s Inquiry into Renewable Energy. Primarily I have a massive problem with the democratic illegitimacy of a Scottish Parliament committee inviting a random American large arse to give evidence when it takes acres of work to persuade them to take evidence from legitimate campaigning organisations. 

But secondly, as a campaigner, I kinda wish everyone would just stop kowtowing to the Donald. He isn’t an informed participant. He isn’t even an interested participant beyond his own financial interests (which don’t always pan out… just saying). Now I recognise even mentioning him in this blog is a recognition of his involvement, but for me it’s about more than just the Donald. It’s about campaigning across the board, and which tactics are best deployed at any given moment.

Almost two years ago, I wrote the following for a blog for my then employer:

As a political campaigner The West Wing is required viewing. And it includes a lot of interesting lessons. Not least that not every campaign can be won with the same tactics.
Sometimes the best way to win a campaign is to take to the streets with as many people as possible, ensure blanket coverage in the media and generally make yourself unavoidable.At other times the best way to win a campaign is to calmly and logically present your arguments and unpick the opposing position. This requires research, face to face meetings, as well as work to identify sympathisers and persuade them they can justify their stance. When the mood is against you, this is often the best tactic as you can slowly build support and carefully manoeuvre opinion to a point where it can be tipped in your favour. At this point, all your behind the scenes work researching your position, informing others outwith the glare of publicity, and generally behaving in a professional and authoritative manner, pays off.

I stand by this analysis. And I think that Donald Trump does not deserve the publicity he is being given. I blame the BBC, I blame the Scottish Parliament, I blame a whole bunch of folk, but I really really hope that Scotland in general stops paying the Donald any mind at all.


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