What is it they say about holidays? Something like you can never actually take a holiday from yourself…

So, we’re here in the awesome city which is New Orleans. We’ve been before, and we’ve been lucky enough to make new friends every time we come. And this year was a bit of a last minute decision, for reasons which are not worth going into.

Except… Why was I so keen to make this happen, against logic and the odds? Partly it’s because this city has endeared itself to me. Partly it’s the amazing friends we have made. Partly it was the reviews the new Springsteen album was getting and the fact he’s playing on Sunday. Partly it was the year we didn’t come I spent two weekends listening to wwoz on the Internet. But mostly it was that this city allows me to forget myself.

Not entirely. That would be either too good to be true or imply that I have a really good drug dealer here, which I don’t. I’m quite sure I could find one if I tried, but it’s not really what I’m looking for.

But. For all that I bring myself here, and I still worry about upsetting people, and dream about being unpresentable in polite society, and I miss my cats and my house, what this place does is that every so often, for a wee moment, it really does let you take a holiday from yourself.

Today that moment was provided by the Beach Boys reunion. Not something I thought I would really be ecstatic about as I have pretty solidly negative feelings towards Mike Love. But it really was one of those actually quite surreal moments where you kinda transcend where you are and what you thought you would think and what exists in your day to day life and instead you just live in the moment.

And that is the true meaning of vacation.

20120427-101753 PM.jpg


3 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Could it be that instead of taking a vacation from yourself, New Orleans lets you come more into yourself, let’s you forget who you think you should be and let’s you just Be? Sounds like you’re letting go, learning to go with the flow and follow that old Nola saying – laissez les bon temps rouler…

    And if the answer to that is yes, then it’s really You who are letting yourself just be. And you can do that anywhere and people will still like and love you, because you are a lovely person.

    Looking forward to seeing you again. x

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