Bullies, buffoons and bunglers

I find it increasingly interesting, if depressing, that success seems to depend on blind arrogance / an ability to self-promote / lie about yourself endlessly.

So I enjoyed very much the success of the Green party across the country, but especially in Edinburgh today. I’m not a member of the Green party, and I don’t agree with them on everything, but I do find their individual candidates in my city to be more honest and normal than most. (That said, not everyone involved in the green movement can claim that.)

And certainly I think part of our problem with politics and society and indeed, just plain old regular professional relationships, is when people, and usually men, start swinging their balls and generally acting like they know everything, are the bees knees, and whatever you say or think, especially if you are a small woman, is just not worth even the faintest consideration. Though they might pretend, because they think I’m stupid enough to fall for that pretence.

So here’s notice to all you ball swinging guys and gals.

I see through you. I know you’re just brandishing your arrogance to disguise a failure of intellect. And even if you are “successful”, that is just a symptom of a malfunctioning society that rewards your pretension and insolence. I will remain optimistic and hopeful that at the end of the day others will see through you also.

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