A message to the right wing politicians and economists

What makes an economy work is that we swap something for something else based on how we judge the value of the thing we have or the thing we want. It relies on us having enough of a thing to swap for the thing we want.

Until profit makers got involved, who figured they could buy a thing for one price and sell it to someone else for an inflated price, even though they had done nothing to actually improve it in the meantime.

Which is all by way of saying, economic growth is not what fuels society. What fuels society is shared values (and a shared recognition of the worth of talents, assets etc), mutual appreciation, and a desire to work together to improve our shared present.

What doesn’t help us all improve, develop and engage is a small group of individuals benefiting whilst the rest of us hope for the best. 

Now I know I’m pretty smart, and I wasn’t brought up with any particular political ideology, so I mostly post this as an indicator that essentially, I think right wing, libertarian economics is intellectually faulty. 

Looking out for each other is what makes us human, and what makes most pack animals survive. So if you want to live in a society where only you make it through, in a woolly mammoth or tyrannosaurus rex fashion, then good for you. I’d rather make things work in a way inspired by ants, or wolves, or any creature that has survived beyond a cataclysmic event. Just saying. 


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