Middle class or careless?

You think you might be middle class when:
  • One of your proudest decisions is the one that led to your low mortgage rate
  • Your shopping trips to the organic independent food store and the local wine merchants outnumber visits to Morrisons
  • You spent money on organic handmade tea-towels rather than the Ikea version
  • Your bathroom products are predominantly from Lush and Neal’s Yard
  • Spending less than £5 on a bottle of wine is unacceptable
  • You think duck egg is really working as a colour choice across your linens
  • You use the word linens
  • You have different baffies for different seasons (and worse, different times of the day)
  • You’ve got original art rather than prints or postcards on your walls (I’m only halfway towards this one, so maybe there’s hope for me yet)
  • You’ve been treated by an osteopath because it just seemed easier to pay than wait for the NHS to figure out what was wrong
  • You have paid off your (non-mortgage) debts (ooh, this one I fail miserably, but it was suggested by my partner)
  • You move your debt between various low or 0% rate credit cards without incurring the penalties (this I do with some acumen)
  • You’re a member of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society
  • You subscribe to publications like Granta and Prospect (though to be fair I’ve done this for about 10 years, it was just how I chose to spend some of my money)
  • You increased your monthly direct debit to *insert charity name here* just because they asked you to
  • You have a buss pass you aren’t really getting value for money from but it makes life so much easier and hey, the bus company are good folk

But then on the other hand, you know you’re making decisions based on the here and now and not using your money to fund unethical corporations when you bank with Smile, when you would rather spend money ethically / on local produce / on public transport than save it responsibly, & when you think good food and good wine shared with good friends is more valuable than a bulging bank account.

Oh and, I don’t have children or a car…

Actually, maybe I’m not middle class, maybe I’m just childless and carless… Ooh, and careless!



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