Dear politicians and political types

If you are involved in professional politics, by which I mean actually working for a political party of one colour or another, it’s fair to assume you have an interest in people, society, and a philosophical ideology about what could improve society toward your ideal.

In which case, could you tell me how harping on about the distant past helps us move towards your ideology? How does criticising your rivals past actions in respect of situations that are done and dusted and we have moved on from contribute towards your vision of the future? How does endless bickering and mud slinging inspire us to adopt and enact and support policy that will meet your objectives?

Because I may not agree with your ideology, but what makes me really angry, and massively disappointed, is that politicians and politics as a profession seems to have forgotten that you are supposed to have an ideal, an aspiration, a vision, and then you need to a) persuade the voters that your vision is a good one and b) work to achieve it. Not just work to slag off your opponents.

So for instance, I don’t really care who was or wasn’t involved with the Constitutional Convention in Scotland, or what they said at the time, because devolution was the end result, and we’re 15 years on from that now. What I care about is that the inequality gap is widening, that more children than ever before in the UK live in poverty, that the vulnerable are still the most disadvantaged, that houses lie empty while families sleep in damp B&Bs or on the street.

Meanwhile, the international economy continues to teeter on the edge of the fiscal cliff, telling us that the market economy isn’t working; freak weather kills and wreaks havoc from Haiti to New Jersey to India and to China telling us climate change is happening and needs addressed, now.

It feels to me like we’re in a crisis. So please, dear politicians and political types, stop blaming each other for the past, stop using playground tactics to try and undermine your opponents, and just sit down and think about what you want the world to look like, and then use your power and work together to make it start to happen? Because this isn’t a game, it’s not all back to square one at the end of the season,but with more or less silverware, it’s people’s lives,the future of society and the fate of humanity. And frankly it doesn’t bode well if you, our supposed political elite, are behaving like under-educated school children rather than the guardians of our communities.

Yours sincerely

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