What I’ve been up to lately

So I have been doing stuff, I haven’t completely been hibernating, honestly. 

I discovered Good Reads and that I could scan books into it using my iphone or ipad which was kinda fun, so I’ve been using that to keep track of my reading. I think.

And I’ve been writing for work, and reviewing that writing, and reviewing it again, which gets tedious and makes you hate your own words. Although I am quite proud of the finished product. It’s a discussion document about the failures of our current democratic structures and some ideas for how we could re-engage people. Available here, should you be interested.

And I wrote a couple of fun things for Burlesque Press. Mostly about books and authors. You can have a look at those here.

I’ve been thinking a lot about feminism, and how politics and feminism don’t really mix, some of which was captured in a post I was pleased to contribute to Bella Caledonia. You can read that here.

And I’m on twitter, where I regularly vent about a variety of issues, so you can keep up with me there. Oh and, I have a blog post festering, so stop back soon y’hear.


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