Dear ConDems…

So here we are, the day after April Fool’s Day, and it looks as if we have all been fooled. Because the reaction from the ConDem Government to all the protests and marches and petitions and column inches over the bank holiday weekend is… “You’re talking rubbish.”

Which is where / when I just start to despair. Because if protest is met by ‘oh that’s just stupid’, then we aren’t going to get very far. Even when I was questioned from the most ridiculous of positions whilst working in the environment sector, I respected the questioner and responded with information for as long as I could bear to reply to a position that never altered, no matter what arguments I offered.

But I never, ever, ever claimed the people who disagreed with me were talking rubbish, or were lying. And I behaved that way for political reasons, but also because it was polite and reasonable and equitable and respectful of the opinions of others.

And then I had a boss who decided just to dismiss people who disagreed with us. Which made my life easier (in that small respect), but didn’t help me hone my arguments, or ensure that I was absolutely as informed as I could be about current opposition.

So I guess what I’m saying is… This government at Westminster, today, of all the days they have screwed up, today they lost me completely and made me veer towards outright revolution. Because to not even acknowledge and debate with your critics is a sign that there is no substance in your argument. And to resort to insults is tantamount to bullying.

Dear Coalition Government,

You do not represent me. You do not make any effort to engage with me, or people like me, or groups who I agree with. You are no longer valid in my eyes. I shun you. I refuse to recognise your authority.

Yours sincerely

Juliet Swann


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