There are some adverts which make me imagine a room full of ad execs, exhausted after weeks of testing different scenarios, just being like ‘ah, fuck it, this’ll do’. Because I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind thinking the idea for the advert is actually worthwhile.

Today’s choices include:

The Cuprinol shed paint advert where the couple are awakened by a crying shed. The male half of the couple tries to pacify the shed with a bottle of milk, but sensible female partner realises shed needs a coat of paint. Hmm. Yes.

The advert for washing at cold temperatures where ‘sometimes mother doesn’t know best’. I think the wearing of red (without it fading) is meant to be significant but the sheer inanity of the ad just makes me want to wash my clothes at whichever temperature I please. Oh, and don’t get me started on why, as a feminist I am annoyed by this ad.

More to follow…


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