Check your privilege

Recently the very awesome Shelagh McKinlay introduced me to the concept of ‘checking your privilege’.

It’s been rattling around in my brain for the past wee while, and I like idea increasingly as time wears on. 

It’s like a less fun version of the playing a game as a straight white male is the easy option analysis which I have mentioned before.

However, less fun may also equal more practical and inclusive.

So, at the risk of being entirely subjective but without suggesting this list will be comprehensive in any way shape or form, or that the order of factors means anything (at this stage), or that in and of themselves these characteristics hold merit or not, I would like to start a collection of characteristics for which you should ‘check your privilege’. If any one of these things applies to you, then when thinking about the impact of your words, deeds or opinions, stop for a moment to consider walking in the shoes of a person without that privilege. The more of the characteristics you can apply to yourself, the more you should be considering others without those privileges before you offer your thoughts, opinions, actions, to the world. In my opinion. 

I’d be interested in comments, additions etc.

Check Your Privilege




University educated

Finished high school

Employed on a permanent, full time contract

In a (loving, nurturing, caring) relationship


Mentally healthy

A home owner

On the electoral roll



Good family relationships

A licensed driver

A passport holder

Have experienced travel abroad

Physically healthy

Part of a network of friends

Access to the internet

Own a mobile phone

Own a television

Own a laptop or tablet device

Have taken a holiday away from home in the past 12 months


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