A wee update

It’s been a tough year. I’ve been up and down emotionally, and busy at work. I’m fine, life is moving along, but I haven’t felt terribly much like sharing.

Anyway, as it’s Earth Hour I’ve been sharing my old post https://muteswann.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/whats-the-point-of-earth-hour/

And my thoughts about Earth Hour inevitably link in to my thoughts about Friends of the Earth Scotland and the reasons I stopped donating to them. As more and more folk from third sector organisations declare for Yes, publicly or privately, it becomes less newsworthy. I stand by my rationale, and still think if the only reason you are newsworthy is because of your current job you should think carefully about coming out for either side.

That said, Friends of the Earth, especially in the international federation, are one of the few environmental organisations who stand by principles of human rights, corporate responsibility and respecting indigenous voices. Which are becoming all the more important as Scotland possibly approaches a constitution.

So I suppose, as Earth Hour draws to a close, I wanted to write a short post to say that I am still angry (if not more angry) about simplistic demonstrations of environmental support when larger issues like the impact of climate change here and now and renewables vs fossil fuels receive less attention than these gimmicks.

I also wanted to say that despite the fact that I personally have some issues with some of the choices my local Friends of the Earth have made, right now they are fighting a ground breaking battle against fracking just outside of Falkirk. And they are fighting hard and well. And I am proud to know them.

And turning your lights out for an hour won’t help them, but donating to their fighting fund will. http://www.foe-scotland.org.uk/node/1707


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